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City Lights Press is a new publishing imprint, based in Las Vegas, Nevada — we don’t have offices so that we can focus all our money on effectively publishing and marketing more books. We are dedicated to publishing romance, erotic romance, new adult and young adult reads and working with authors in all stages of their writing careers.
We are readers and writers ourselves and our aim is simple: to find and share fun, sexy, laugh-out-loud, gorgeous stories with you and the world.

Meet The Team

Mike Bray

Mike Bray


Rachel Del Grosso

Rachel Del Grosso

Managing Editor

Lauren Bridges

Lauren Bridges

Content Manager



What sort of books does City Lights publish?

Currently, our focus is on the romance, young adult and new adult genres.

What kinds of marketing efforts can set me apart as an indie author?

There is no such thing as being an overnight success; it takes not only a dedicated publishing team but also an author willing to be involved in the process of promoting a book. Establishing an online presence prior to publishing your book is a great way to give yourself an advantage. Of course, we can help through ongoing marketing efforts, using social media as a means of promotion, having our own social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

What sets City Lights Press apart from other indie publishers?

Not only do we love what we do (and we’ll prove it to you), but we have one of the most author-friendly publishing contracts there is in the indie publishing industry. Contact us for more information.

What are the advantages of publishing with a small press versus a traditional big publisher?

Opting to publish your work with a small publisher like City Lights Press means working more closely with a team of individuals committed to marketing your work long-term, rather than “Big Five” New York publishing companies concerned only with meeting their own aggressive sales goals.

Like many small presses, City Lights accepts unsolicited submissions, unheard-of in the big companies. Without publishing history, authors usually don’t get an agent, and without an agent, they usually don’t get published. Small presses offer the opportunity to get published; providing an important stepping stone for inexperienced authors.

Authors will have more direct involvement in the publishing process and may even have some creative control over the book’s editing and design. In general, choosing to publish with a small press is a great tool to get your work out there by a group of people passionate about representing unknown or emerging authors.


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