Devyn Quinn has been a part of City Lights Press since 2017 and currently has one book released with two coming soon. Two of Quinn’s books have been nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award and she won in 2010, for her 2009 erotic romance title, Possession. We are excited to have Quinn as a part of the team!

Devyn Quinn City Lights Press: How did you get started writing?

Devyn Quinn: I was always a voracious reader as a child and teenager, and my love of reading carried over    into wanting to create my own stories to share with others.  I started writing in my early 20’s and continued off and on through the years. It is something I have a love/hate affair with. I love writing the books. I hate dealing with the business side.  I just want to deal with the creative side, and leave the marketing to someone else! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and I have had to learn to be my own marketing and sales director.

CLP: Do you have a specific writing area? What does it look like?

DQ:  I used to have a dedicated office space in my own place, but since I had to move into my parent’s house to help care for an ageing parent, I have been downsized to a tiny corner in a tiny room.  Basically, my view is a wall, with a bulletin board hung on it. Not very inspiring, but since I am looking at the computer screen, I guess it doesn’t matter what is around me.  After all, I am more focused on the stage in my mind than I am on my surroundings.

CLP: Do your characters come to you in full form or in bits and pieces?

DQ: Some come out in all their glory. Others take a lot of coaxing to reveal their secrets. When I started writing the Keepers of Eternity series almost 25 years ago, I knew Morgan was an immortal. I didn’t know he was also a god to be, had a wife, a twin sister, and so many other things that seem to reveal themselves with each new book! I think part of that is that he has so many facets of a deeply fractured psyche; peeling off each layer of his character takes him one step closer to his final destination.

CLP: Do you think you come across different challenges writing erotic books that authors of other genres don’t experience?

DQ: Writing in the erotic genre is a whole different ballgame because you have to work the sex scenes in without taking away from the core development of the characters and the story they are trying to tell. You can’t just throw in sex and hope readers go along with it. There has to be a reason for it, or you’re just wasting words and readers are flipping through trying to reach the end. They say if you take the sex out of erotica and still have a well plotted book then you did it wrong. The sex must drive the plot, or it won’t work.

CLP: Do you think as a writer you see the world differently because you’re always thinking about how situations could play out in stories?

DQ: I have a certain amount of detachment from people because I am always watching them and how they act. I can be in a crowd of people, but not engaged with them because I am observing their behaviors.

CLP: Is there a genre you want to try out writing one day?

DQ: I would love to try my hand at a mystery/thriller type novel. I have an idea, but I am not sure I have what it takes to pull it off!

CLP: What type of books do you read?

DQ: I don’t read fiction at all. I prefer biography or history.

CLP: What’s the best advice about writing you’ve ever received?

DQ: Get a day job because 99 percent of writers can’t make a living at it. Because I have a regular income, I am not biting nails over having to produce a certain number of books or reach a certain number of sales to make a royalty check that probably won’t be enough to pay the bills. That security means I can write what inspires me, and not what is popular on the market now. Those trends change anyway, and the genre that was unpopular yesterday might be the hottest one tomorrow.

CLP: Besides writing, what are some hobbies you have?

DQ: I collect and ride motorcycles. My passion is speed and my newest acquisition is a classic 2001 Ninja ZX-12R. So far, I have gotten it up to 145. My goal is to get her up to her full 197 MPH.

CLP: Who are your biggest supporters? Do they read your books?

DQ: Usually writers answer that their families are their biggest supporters. In my case, this is not true. My family could care less that I am a published author, and their support has been lackluster, to say the least. For most of them, it is a trial to read my books and they simply don’t. So, with family out I guess that leaves my readers. Luckily, they are a loyal bunch and have stuck with me for many years. I hope they will stay around and see what else I have in store for them. It’s about to get…interesting.


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