How did you celebrate #LibraryShelfieDay last week? We know how much everyone LOVES their selfies, but to be honest…we prefer the shelfie. Nothing makes us happier than seeing stacks among stacks of your favorite books in a shelfie!

Make sure to share all the shelfies you took with us! Here are a few of our favorites!

1.       A tree, well, because books DO help you grow.

Shelfie Tree

2.       No better place to sit back and relax.

Chair Shelfie

3.       Who needs a walk-in closet for clothes? We prefer to put our books in it!

Closet Shelfie

4.       What little kid wouldn’t LOVE this?

Batman Shelfie

5.       This is what my TBR (To Be Read) pile looks like.

Stacks of Books Shelfie

6.       It’s just…so pretty.

Color Coordinated Shelfie

7.       I would feel like Belle in Beauty & The Beast in this library!

Library Shelfie

8.       Practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Log Shelfie

What is your favorite Shelfie?