K.J. Sweeney hates to talk about himself. If you really want to know him, then read something he’s written. He writes fiction, but there is always a thread of truth in it. As Sweeney grew as an artist, he came to understand that the best writing is taken from everyday events. It comes out of the people he has met and the things that he has seen. He has wanted to be a writer since the first grade when he became intrigued with how words could be used to paint unforgettable images. Sweeney was heavily influenced by his father and his love of language and literature. His writing influences are Harper Lee, Robert Cormier, James Joyce, Hemmingway, and Fitzgerald … and his first grade teacher Sister Ellen.

Sweeney is a graduate of Clark University with a degree in English lit. He has taught English at the High School level as well as internationally. He has lived in London, Belfast, New York, New England, and Honolulu and has traveled extensively through Africa, Europe and the US.  While on the road he always keeps his eyes open for the next story.


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