glenn Born in Mississippi but moved frequently in those early days of life from there to Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri, and then back to North Carolina.

Graduated from Mars Hill College located in the mountains of North Carolina, a small liberal arts school. Graves had a double major in religion and English. The English major has proven to be quite beneficial in most of his work.

Graves married Cindy and lived in Virginia for the duration of his US Navy enlistment. Served on a destroyer (“tin can”) for three years as an electrician during this epoch with the last year being the most momentous due to the fact that their little tin can vessel was the last ship on the gun line just off the coast of Viet Nam when the peace treaty was signed. Graves final year with the Navy was a gig on a repair ship in Norfolk.

Once the Navy experience was finished, Cindy and Graves moved back to North Carolina where he began work on his Masters of Divinity degree. Completed that in three years and after another year of work on a Masters of Theology degree (still unfinished), he began work as a pastor of a local church, during which time their three children were born. Since those early days, they have lived in Virginia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and then once more back in the mountains of North Carolina.

Cindy and M. Glenn Graves continue to reside in the mountains of North Carolina (the setting for some of Clancy’s stories) enjoying frequent visits with their children, their spouses, and their three grandchildren. Their live-in companion is Sophie the dog (a Lab mix) who is almost as intelligent as Sam, but just not quite as disciplined.


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