I Love To Write Day!

I Love To Write DayNovember 15th is National I Love To Write Day. The day was created in 2002 by author, John Riddle. Riddle said his goal for the day was to get people of all ages to write. He hopes that I Love To Write Day can be the start for many people’s writing careers. In honor of the day, we heard from five of our City Lights Press authors on why they started writing and why they love it.

Carmen Stefanescu

As a child, I dreamed to be a writer like Agatha Christie. However, real writing, not occasional stories or poems in Romanian, came later in my life.  My road along the path of writing, in English, started, in fact, with poetry. I won a silver cup for poetry and this triggered in me a desire to fulfill my dream- to become an author.” 

Hannah Godard

I think I always knew from a young age, around ten when I started writing poems and movie scripts, that I wanted something bigger than life. I’ve always wanted to help people and I feel as though writing can give me that opportunity.” 

John Kestner

“In a freezing junior high school room during one of the record-setting winters in 1970s Ohio, I was given a stack of ‘career cards’ so I could start thinking about my future. One of the cards said WRITER. The photo was a beautiful Caribbean beach. The card described the jet-setting super successful life of an established writer. I thought, ‘THIS IS FOR ME!’ Someday I will find the person responsible for that card…and I will exact my revenge.” 

Margaret Cioffi

“The idea of writing a book was daunting. One day, for reasons I still don’t understand, I began to write and write and write. I have never looked back.” 

C.K. Crigger

“In my opinion, nothing encourages a person to write like being a voracious reader, and my folks were great readers–especially of Westerns. I just followed suit. Mom also bought Western Romance magazines, and when I was eight, I wrote a story in that vein. Okay. Go ahead and laugh yourself silly! I do, just thinking about it. But, it does show my life-long ambition. I still have a very beat-up copy of one of those magazines.” 

So grab your pen and paper (or computer) and get to writing!