How Will You Celebrate “Be Kind To Writers And Editors Month?”

September is “Be Kind To Writers And Editors Month.” If you are stumped on ways that you can let your favorite writers and editors know how much you appreciate them, we’ve got you covered!

Be Kind To Writers

  • You can always show appreciation for writers by buying some of their work. Buy the book that has been on your reading list! Need some ideas? Check out some of our newest releases here.
  • Another way to be kind to writers is to write a review for one of their books. Writers love to hear from their audience, so leave a review for one of your favorite books. Others might read your review and decide to check out this writer too.
  • Is there a book you just can’t stop reading over and over again? Tell the author! Send them a tweet, tag them in a Facebook post or send them an email and let them know just how much you enjoy their work. Better yet, share your love for the book online. Get your friends and family to read as well. Every little bit helps writers, I promise you that.
  • If you live with a writer, try not to distract or interrupt them while they are working. When you notice them writing try to keep the house as quiet as possible so you don’t disrupt their creative flow. There’s nothing worse for a writer than being interrupted or distracted when you have a creative spark.

Be Kind To Editors

  • Your editor works hard to help make your content the best it can be. You can help them by going over your work and making some revisions before sending it to them.
  • You can also have someone else revise and edit your work before sending it to your editor. It is difficult for one person to catch every error. So one more set of eyes will make the editor’s job easier and make your content better.
  • Be timely! Set deadlines for when you are going to send your work to the editor and make sure to meet those deadlines. This way your editor will know when to expect your work.
  • If your editor is your husband or wife, offer to get the kids out of their hair for a few hours so they can get some work done! The quiet will definitely help.
How are you showing your fellow writers and editors that you appreciate them?