After Midnight by Brandy Greeley

After Midnight by Brandy Greeley


City Lights Press is thrilled to announce the release of Brandy Greeley’s debut novel, After Midnight!


About The Book:

When she refuses a marriage proposal from Prometheus, Persephone—goddess of spring—is cursed to forget who she is and where she comes from. Prometheus sends her to Portland, Oregon and Hades follows, convinced that he can somehow jog her memory and restore their love before it’s too late. But when the Fates realize that Hades’ absence from the Underworld means that unsorted souls are becoming furies, they must take drastic action before the Underworld is torn apart by chaos. Now known as Amy, Persephone doesn’t know who this mysterious stranger is, and why he’s butting into her life. And even though she doesn’t want to believe the stories he tells her, because it would mean giving up the life she’s built for herself in Portland, she’s drawn to him. Caught up in his world, Persephone is torn between breaking the curse, and returning to her family, or remaining in Portland forever as Amy.

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