Not Alone by A.L. Flagg

Not Alone by A.L. Flagg

City Lights Press is excited to announce the release of A.L. Flagg’s debut novel, Not Alone, available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

About The Book

After being brutally attacked and losing her family in a home invasion, Eden L’Embrance is moved to the small town of Progress. She stays isolated in her new home, camouflaging herself with her favorite movie prop. Then Eden meets Caleb Saint an instant friendship blossoms, and soon Eden can’t help but fall for him.  But who could ever love someone with a deformity such as hers? When Eden discovers some terrible  information about the invasion, her world starts to crumble around her. Is she strong enough to stand up to the devastating truth? Or will she surrender to the darkness that has been consuming her since that gruesome night?  

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A.L. Flagg was born and raised in a small New England town where she experiences the best of all seasons. She comes from a loving and supportive family who want to see her succeed in what she loves to do the most. Writing has always been her outlet, her escape, and her pastime. At one point in time, publishing her manuscripts wasn’t on her list, but once she grabbed the attention for her first novel, Yuletide Mishaps, her thoughts about publishing changed completely. She has always been a believer of the paranormal, and has always found a special place in her heart for the story that sparked her creativity, The Phantom of the Opera. A.L.’s ideas come mostly from dreams and song lyrics. She likes to make her stories as realistic as possible, so she includes personal experiences and models characters after people she knows or have met in passing. She wants to create characters you love and hate. She wants to create realities you can get lost in. She wants you to cry. She wants you to laugh. She wants to be memorable.

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