Shifters Alliance by Shaun L Griifiths

Shifters Alliance (Changing Times Part 1) by Shaun L Griffiths


About The Book:

One moment, Kerri’s best friends are there beside her. The next, they’ve been kidnapped and taken through a Gateway to an unknown land. To be used as pawns in a raging conflict for a Crystal so precious, civilizations have fallen trying to control it.

Passing through the Gateway portal in search of them, she finds the world she knew no longer exists. In a land of danger, she must face shape-shifting Bears, Mountain Lions, even natures raging winter storms, in an epic adventure to rescue her friends.

And while Kerri desperately struggles to cross the snowbound alpine passes, deep within the primordial forest an ancient evil is watching the continuing conflict. The corrupted apes wait impatiently for the spark that will unleash all-out war. To posses the Crystal, they will inflict their revenge and destruction on everyone in their way.

Who holds the Crystal will hold the future of the known world in their hands. Can Kerri form an Alliance to save her abandoned friends? If the apes cross the border, will there be a land for her to return to?

The fate of their very souls is at stake.

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What Readers Are Saying:

“It’s like The Dark Crystal meets Princess Mononoke. There’s twists and turns inside a massive world…” 

“heart-stopping danger… fast-paced yet doesn’t lack depth. It tackles thought-provoking themes like conflict and loyalty while taking you on a wild adventure…” 

“…full of unexpected twists and turns, a whole world to immerse yourself in… Lyrical and magical. Planet of the Apes meets Clan of the Cave Bear…”