The Disappearing Daughter (A Siobhan Murphy Mystery Book 2) by Margaret Cioffi

The Disappearing Daughter by Margaret Cioffi

City Lights Press is excited to announce the release of Margaret Cioffi’s The Disappearing Daughter, the second book in A Siobhan Murphy Mystery series.

About The Book

Siobhan Murphy’s life is pretty epic. Her friends are awesome, her boss at her part-time job is awesome, and her folks are… you guessed it—awesome. Yep, everything in her life is pretty awesome. But Siobhan is worried about her boss, Natasha, who lately seems a little too distracted and kind of unhappy. Siobhan is shocked to hear that not only has Natasha adopted an 18-year-old daughter, but that she has disappeared! That’s right; disappeared as in gone… vanished. Poof! Into thin air. Even though Natasha already has a private detective on the job, she recruits Siobhan and her best friend Marcy to help in the search to find her daughter—an investigation that takes these two friends from a nightclub in the Hampton’s all the way to London, England.

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Margaret Cioffi is an Art Director, Writer, Creative Director and finally author. Margaret Cioffi spent her professional career working in advertising and marketing. Her career spans several years and several hundred ads in print, radio and broadcast. Cioffi has written eight books. Margaret spends her free time writing, cooking, painting and hanging out with her husband and her family although not all at the same time.

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