13 things you’ll understand if the three months of summer break are your opportunity to read as much as you possibly can.

1. When anyone asks what your plans for summer break are.

When someone asks if I'm busy during summer  

2. When your family/friends force you to go to the BBQ.

  When you have to be social during summer  

3. The only hangover you’ll have this summer break.

  Book Hangover  

4. The only conversation you want to have.

  Recommending a book  

5. Your idea of a summer body…

  Workout is reading in bed  

6. When people doubt what you’re capable of.

  When you want to finish a book today  

7. You don’t need actual people to enjoy a vacation.

  Books are good vacation companions  

8. Your summer fling is a bit different than others.

  How long does it take you to fall in love  

9. When everyone is making plans to see the movies that just came out.

  The book is always better

10. The books are just…more interesting.

  When you prefer books  

11. You just have your priorities in order.

  I would rather read  

12. When you don’t know how to function in society anymore.

  When you finish a book series  

13. When summer is over and you have to say goodbye to all of your friends.

  When summer is over and you have to say goodbye