Heart Book, Editors and Writers MonthBe Kind to Editors and Writers Month

If you haven’t heard already, September is Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month! Can you imagine how boring the world would be without the imaginative minds that put the most beautiful stories together for us to enjoy? Well, we sure can’t! This is why here at City Lights Press we appreciate and acknowledge the creative process that writers and editors provide us with!

J.D. Morrison and Jena, are an editing and writing team!

Author J.D. Morrison says that every day is Be Kind to Editors Month at his house, and that’s because his wife, Jena, is his editor!

“I married my editor. It’s a rather nice arrangement. She gets to critique my work and, in return, I get to love and adore her. As a writer, I’m a thinned skinned, overly sensitive sissy man. So, it helps to know the person obliterating all those “unnecessary words” also happens to believe in me deeply. I swear this is the only manner in which I’ll endeavor to compare myself with Stephen King. Stephen has Tabitha. I have Jena. We are both rich men, in this regard.”

As for Jena, she appreciates the hard work writers put into their novels day in and day out for our entertainment. Couple In Love Reading, Writers and Editors Month

I love a good story teller. I enjoy reading for escape mainly, so reading the works of writers who can spin a good yarn is a favorite pastime. Pat Conroy and Nora Ephron were great ones, as is Stephen King, John Irving and Diana Gabaldon. I also admire writers who honestly and unselfconsciously share their life stories through captivating memoirs, as Jeanette Walls did in “The Glass Castle” (though the movie was a disappointment).”

Let’s just say, this is a relationship and arrangement we fully support! Thank you, J.D. and Jena, for everything you both do!